Bedtime Story Broadcast receives no promotional or financial support at all. Nor am I compensated for my community service. Currently, I record in my cramped closet, which is nowhere near sufficiently soundproof. It shares the same wall as the outdoor stairway and it often sounds like a herd of angry elephants going up and down, whenever my neighbors come or go (there are three flights of stairs and 15 apartments upstairs). Also, I think the people that live above me drop and roll around a bowling ball for fun. Further, I hear a hum from the apartment below, which must be because our A/C vents are in the ceiling. So, I am seeking sponsorship to most importantly improve the sound quality for our listeners, especially considering that blind people have heightened hearing in absence of sight. Please note that Bedtime Story has to provide for its own promotion, with no help even from Fairfax Public Access.

I, personally, have not had any success w/asking corporations to sponsor Bedtime Story Broadcast. I was even informed that we are just too insignificant by the one where my husband has worked w/for over 16 years. However, if you as an individual cannot personally afford to make a monetary contribution, I am hoping that maybe you can still aid us in finding funding by using some of your connections or influence at your workplace. We will acknowledge all contributors to our cause online and, depending on the donation, also on-air. For more information, I can be contacted at Thank you for your consideration.