In the process of pre-production, it occurred to me that maybe I could use this opportunity I have been blessed with to help other creative-types through exposure, in exchange for fresh, modern material. The creator will retain ownership of their submissions; we only have rights to use them in conjunction w/the show (online and on-air) and will never profit from their work. There is no age restrictions on who can contribute.

Artists Wanted:

Those with an ability to draw, are invited to illustrate something from the selection of stories, that children can print out online and color in, and submit it to the show. There is no minimum nor maximum number of contributions.

Writers Wanted:

Those with an ability to write are invited to submit their short stories for children. If your piece is polished and well-written, we will present it on-air and post it online, where there will also be a brief bio about you. Then, you can proudly call yourself a published author. How cool is that ?

Musicians Wanted:

Those with an ability to compose music/play an instrument, are invited to submit background music for the show.

If you are an actor, animator, composer, graphic artist, illustrator, musician, singer, song writer, etc., we can come up with other opportunities especially for you.

If interested in contributing in any capacity or for more information, contact Crystal.