We are now in immediate need of other various volunteers. We offer the opportunity to obtain experience in exchange for your efforts. You do not need to live anywhere near Virginia to volunteer. This is one way you can stand out from the rest of the stack of college and job applicants.

Open Opportunities:

  • Audio Editors
  • Casting Assistants
  • Foley Artists
  • Production Assistant
  • Publicists
  • Quality Control Checkers
  • Social Media Maven
  • Talent Recruiter
  • Voice Actors

Audio Editors/Engineers:
Simply assemble the show according to a list of file names and improve the sound quality as a whole.

Casting Assistants:
Review online auditions and provide feedback.

Foley Artists:
Add a little sound effects to enhance the listening experience of our audience.

Production Assistants:
Do everything I do, except a lot less. Lol. Here are a several examples: think of themes for shows, search for stories that fit in them, then assign them to narrators, keep up-to-date on everyone’s progress, and create a calendar of episode events.

Raise awareness within our target communities (including the blind, the culturally deprived, the dyslexic, the illiterate, and parents).

Quality Control Checkers:
Listen closely to the recordings we receive for audio quality issues, including: clicks, background noise, mis-pronunciations, misreads, mistakes, mouth noise, omitted words, pacing problems, poor enunciation, volume, etc. and supply the VAs with requested revisions and feedback.

Social Media Mavens:
Create accounts on social media platforms (other than our FaceBook page), keep them all consistent and current, and remind me when it is time for new material.

Talent Recruiters:
Find content contributors. Ask artists to create something specific for the show, such as animations, drawings, instrumental music, etc. and comb the Internet for interesting children’s stories written by undiscovered authors. Both opportunities are in exchange for exposure (FYI, that they retain ownership of their work and we will never make money off of it).

Voice Actors:
Because this show is specifically for the blind, who have heightened hearing in absence of sight, we additionally require those who would volunteer their voices to audition. Then we focus on the following: ability to act (mainly for cast members), ability to engage our audience (mainly for narrators), and on finding any issues with quality. Everyone is expected to edit their work.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact the producer at Crystal@BedtimeStoryBroadcast.com. Thank you for your kind consideration !!