Audio Editor

I hail from Louisiana, and I edit audio for Bedtime Story Broadcast!

What originally got me into audio editing was honestly just cutting up my own voice, and making it sound different, then it became me editing audio for a couple hobby videos so that it would sound as though it fit with landscape and geometry of the setting. Then I began browsing several casting websites and volunteering to take on some editing work. That’s how I ended up here!

What I’ve always loved about the auditory medium, is that it is one of the most data-rich mediums of communication. a five minute song can contain more info, and take up more data than a fifty minute silent film, and I believe that that is one of the most magical, and useful parts of the medium. This because it allows us to subtly interweave large and complex messages into a very compact space. The inflection of a word, or a trumpet sounding halfheartedly can entirely define the meaning of a scene. The main source of my inspiration for audio editing comes from classic films, where directors and sound engineers would use tracks and songs to establish some greater meaning, not just to the film, but to the song or sound itself as it plays. For instance, in “Star Wars” the presence of “The Force” is generally marked by John Williams’ beautiful “The Force Theme”. This then allows the director to communicate a message to the audience using no visuals or dialogue, but simply the climax of a song.

I also like to play around with some video editing, but have never participated in a project as large as Bedtime Story Broadcast. It’s still just a side hobby that I’m learning.

My ultimate goal one day is being a well known editor, or at the very least, a respected indie film director. You can contact me at


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