Abigail Shiels (AKA Haru Katsumi) is the 16 year old author of The Flame as Blue as Blue Could Be. She is from London, England and still goes to school in Ealing. She currently considers writing as her hobby, and possibly a career choice “depending on how things go”. Further, Abigail hopes “to continue to study English literature and creative writing, as well as the 3 sciences (chemistry, physics, and biology). I will definitely continue to write since it is a passion of mine.”

When Bedtime Story Broadcast inquired as to why she would write about self-acceptance, Abigail answered, “I suppose it was half wanting to help others and half due to both of my brothers having severe eczema and them being bullied for it.” We also asked her, “What do you think about your story being heard and potentially helping others ?” Here is what she had to say:

“I really hope that the stories I write will help motivate others and get across the important messages that young people, especially those who are disabled, need to learn to be self-accepting, courageous, and not be swayed by peer pressure. I hope to write lots more stories that can reach people!”