The Flame as Blue as Blue Could Be – by Abigail Shiels (c) 2012 Revised by Crystal Genduso

There once was a small blue flame quite different from all the other small flames who, unlike him, were orange and yellow and red. But Little Blue Flame, was as blue as blue could be. The other flames found him strange and would often taunt him. “Why are you so strange?”, they would ask and always run away, not wanting to play with a flame that was as blue as blue could be. So, he spent most of his days alone, watching from afar as all the other little flames played hide and seek, hopscotch and catch. Each day he sighed and wondered sadly, why am I blue? And not orange or yellow or red?

The little blue flame once asked his mother, “Why am I as blue as blue could be?” His mother smiled and hugged him, a warm and comforting hug much like being covered in a toasty blanket. “If you weren’t as blue as blue could be, then you wouldn’t be you; the fact that you are blue isn’t a bad thing. It’s one of the special things that make up you. Don’t be sad that you are different. Be happy!” Hearing this, Little Blue Flame felt better. Yet, he still wanted to be included in the other’s games.

The next day, surprisingly, the other little flames asked Little Blue Flame to play hide and seek. Delighted, he agreed; in fact, he was so overjoyed that he was finally being accepted that he rushed off immediately. The others shared a look a of mischief and said, “Let’s play in the darkest part of the forest.” He looked worried and remembered his mother had told him “Never go to that part of the wood, as it is so dark that you might not find your way out again! If that happens, the night monsters will get you. So stay away!” Little Blue Flame tried to say no, but after much taunting, he eventually agreed and all the little flames began to march into the dark woods, each ignoring the warnings of their own parents.

They soon reached a wide open space surrounded by trees and almost totally pitch black. “You can be first!”, a bossy yellow flame said, he and the rest ran to hide as the little blue flame counted to 100 in the middle of the dark woods. He reached 0 and looked around at the dark, dark forest, his little light not making much clear. Putting on a brave face, he walked past the trees in search of the other little flames. After stepping into the trees, he is soon startled by a loud sound! “Hoot! Hoot!” Frightened, Little Blue flame looked around. “It is a monster!” He cried, when something settled on a bush next to him. Relieved, he smiled and said, “Ah! It was just an owl! There are no monsters here!” Feeling a little braver he walked on in search of the others.

Little Blue Flame soon came to a large bush and thought, “I wonder if anyone is hiding here!” A loud rustling sound came from inside the bush, too loud to be another little flame. “It might really be a monster!” He cried. After finally being brave enough to open up his eyes, he found a squirrel. He laughed and said, “There really is nothing to be afraid of here after all!” A small sniffling sound caught his attention, and curious, he headed towards it. “No need to be scared!” He assured himself and became braver. He pulled aside a long branch and found all the other little flames huddled together, but they still did not burn as bright as blue. “I found you!” He said happily.

“How can you be so brave in these dark woods!?”, the bossy yellow flame asked, “It’s so scary!” The little blue flame smiled and said, feeling braver still, “There are no monsters here! And we can get home easily, as I remember the way!” The other flames exchanged glances and eventually they huddled behind Little Blue Flame. “Wow!!” They chorused. “Huh? What is it?”, he asked. “Your flame is burning so bright!!” They said in wonder, and Little Blue Flame looked surprised to see for himself how his light glowed brighter than ever. “Let’s get home!” He asserted and took lead.

The owl hooted and landed again and the other little flames shouted in surprise, “A monster?!” He laughed, “No! It’s just an owl!” The others stared at him in wonder. And when the other flames passed by where the squirrel was, it hopped out of the bush, and they were startled, but again, Little Blue Flame encouraged them not to be worried. They all looked at him in admiration “So brave!” They said together.

The little flames soon reached the clearing, where, surprisingly, they found all their parents waiting. They all rushed to their parents and Little Blue Flame’s mother remarked, “Why, it looks like you had quite the adventure. Now, although I said not to go, it looks like you have learned a big lesson today!”, enveloping him in a big hug. “Yeah! Being different is a good thing!” Mother Flame smiled and carried her child home where a steaming mug of cocoa and a warm bed awaited him.